CONSUMER PR- Gardening & Exteriors

Where there’s muck there’s grass- and CPR has certainly been blooming marvellous at generating garden related sales. From compost and fertilisers to exterior landscaping and garden security, Clear PR ensures everything in the garden comes up roses for its clients. The Vine Weevil was an unknown bug until Clear PR’s campaign to ensure it was recognised as the gardener’s no 1 pest.


Gardeners are a diverse breed- covering those who have little space but still spend every waking moment tending it, to those who have half a field- and want it to look after itself! Whatever their profile, Clear PR will reach them. This is based on knowing where and when they will seek inspiration, ideas or basic gardening advice and ensuring the right copy and illustrations are in the right place, when they look. From live demonstrations to blogs, forums to features and flower shows to makeovers, Clear PR is good at growing great results in the garden sector.

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