CONSUMER PR- Food & Farming

From the field to the plate, Clear PR has represented every part of the food process. Although this may be considered ‘cheesy’ (and certainly there is a lot of experience in this area) CPR believes in understanding every step involved in bringing food to the consumer. By sharing this inside knowledge, it is possible to bring customers into the brand story and allow them to relate to what is on their plate. For farmers, this helps build an understanding of the costs and resources needed to bring food to market.


It is about seasonality, quality and understanding tastes and timings. For all the effort that retailers, food manufacturers and farmers make in bringing good food to market, in the final analysis it just depends whether the customer feels it is what they want to eat. Clear PR will give them plenty of reasons to feel there is a meal they want to cook and eat for which a specific ingredient is just right. This is based on knowing where and when consumers will seek inspiration, ideas or basic cooking advice and ensuring the right copy and illustrations are in the right place, when they look. From live demonstrations to blogs, forums to features, competitions to food festivals, Clear PR is good at giving customers the taste for its clients’ products.

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